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Summary of the story

The demon king Ni Lun was vanquished, resulting in the disarray of the demon clan as they seek refuge in the mortal realm. Chong Zi, although possessing purity and kindness, harbors a potent malevolence within her. After being rescued by the immortal Chu Bu Fu, she becomes resolute in her pursuit of cultivation at Nanhua. However, she is denied entry due to a prophecy foretelling her transformation into a demon.

During this juncture, the esteemed Luo Yin Fan unexpectedly takes Chong Zi under his wing as his sole disciple. Chong Zi becomes heavily reliant on Luo Yin Fan and yearns for nothing more than to remain by his side. In return, Luo Yin Fan pledges to safeguard her. Unfortunately, a conspiracy ensues, resulting in Chong Zi's imprisonment, and Luo Yin Fan finds himself powerless to intervene, ultimately leading to her demise in the name of peace.

In her subsequent life, Chong Zi returns to Nanhua once more. With a single glance, Luo Yin Fan recognizes her. In order to shield her from harm, he seals the malevolent aura within her and keeps her in close proximity, thereby perpetuating their master-disciple relationship. However, the wheel of destiny offers no escape. Chong Zi once again becomes the target of numerous adversaries. Consumed by fury, she embraces her demonic nature, reaching a point of no return.

Nisai Snea Chongzi [Ep 34]

Nisai Snea Chongzi [Ep 34]

Quality HD
Status Ongoing
Release December 02, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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