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Summary of the story

Freshly graduated doctor Mi Ka found herself in a jewellery store, intending to purchase a gift for her parents, when an armed robbery took place. In response, a specialized SWAT team was swiftly deployed to regain control of the situation. It was during this chaotic event that Mi Ka first encountered Special Forces Captain Xing Ke Lei, who played a crucial role in defusing the explosive circumstances. However, due to his complete combat attire and concealed face, Mi Ka remained unaware of his appearance.

Several years later, as Mi Ka neared the completion of her qualifications to become a fully-fledged medical surgeon, she made the decision to partake in a joint emergency rescue training exercise involving her hospital and the police SWAT team. Unbeknownst to her, this would lead to another encounter with Captain Xing Ke Lei. As they worked together in this training exercise, a connection began to form between them. Over time, their relationship deepened as they discovered more about each other and faced various military and medical challenges together.

Brothean Krom Klahors [40 End]

Brothean Krom Klahors [40 End]

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release October 22, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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