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Summary of the story

This is a narrative that centers around the crises that have plagued the public relations industry, and the individuals whose lives have become intertwined as a result.

Lin Zhongshuo, a former entertainment reporter, has transitioned into a prominent PR firm where he is tasked with handling sensitive and challenging situations. Despite the difficulties he faces, Lin Zhongshuo consistently manages to avert crises by employing his strategic skills. Additionally, he assists his boss, Gao Feng, in confronting his most formidable adversary.

However, Lin Zhongshuo is not without his own personal struggles. He left the entertainment industry after a misreporting incident that resulted in harm to innocent individuals. He has since been plagued with guilt and remorse. Through his efforts to assist others, Lin Zhongshuo endeavors to make amends and rectify the mistakes of his past. He is also involved with two significant women in his life, Yuan Wei and Xu Wenwen, and through his journey, he gradually discovers his true feelings for them.

Lbeng Psorng Krus Thnak [38 End]

Lbeng Psorng Krus Thnak [38 End]

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release September 11, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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