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Summary of the story

During the 15th century in China, Tang Fan, a highly astute government official, was renowned as the most accomplished detective in Beijing. Following the murder of a nobleman's son, Tang Fan encounters Sui Zhou, a martial arts specialist guardsman who is investigating the disappearance of the Crown Prince's study partner. Upon recognizing the interconnection between the two cases, the cunning and influential imperial eunuch, Wang Zhi, persuades the unlikely pair to collaborate. As their efficacy becomes apparent, the trio establishes a regular working relationship. As they delve deeper into the criminal activities plaguing the capital of the Great Ming, they uncover a sinister plot, including a scheme to launch a violent coup. Will they be able to thwart the criminal mastermind before it is too late?

Kong Angkreak Moha Meng [Ep 00]

Kong Angkreak Moha Meng [Ep 00]

Quality HD
Status Ongoing
Release August 06, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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