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Summary of the story

The story is set during the Dan dynasty era, a time when ghosts, demons, and gods were believed to be involved in human life. It recounts the fateful relationship between a female painter, Kim Yoo-jung, and a blind astrologer, Ahn Hyo-seop. The tale begins at the sealing ceremony conducted during the third year of King Seongjo's rule. The ceremony aimed to extract Ma Wang, the Demon King and god of Death, who had taken up residence in the body of former King Yeongjong. The plan was to seal the Demon King inside a portrait of the King, painted by a divine painter. With the help of Samshin, the goddesses of Life, the Demon King was successfully sealed. However, he placed a curse on the country, predicting that it would suffer from droughts and famine for years to come. He also cursed the offspring of Ha Seong-jin, the officer who conducted the sealing ceremony, and Hong Eun-ho, the painter of the King's portrait. Ha Seong-jin's son, Ha Ram, and Hong Eun-ho's daughter, Hong Cheon-gi, were both born on that very day. Unfortunately, Cheon-gi was born blind due to the curse of the Demon King.

Nine years later, the country was still suffering from severe drought, and the royal shaman was preparing for the Dragon Rain Making Ritual. Ha Ram, a child born with the energy of water, was noticed by the shaman, who chose him as the helper for the rain-making ritual. As they traveled to the capital to attend the ritual, Ha Ram met blind Hong Cheon-gi, who lived with her father, who had lost his sanity after the sealing ceremony. The two children made memories with each other and promised to meet again after the rain ritual. However, unexpected events occurred during the ritual. The portrait of the King, in which the Demon King was sealed, caught fire, and the Demon King entered Ha Ram's body. Ha Ram, who was sacrificed to make rain, came back to life, but lost his sight. Meanwhile, Cheon-gi miraculously gained her sight, as Samshin took the Demon King's eyes and left them with her.

Bondas Sa Sdach Beysach [32 End]

Bondas Sa Sdach Beysach [32 End]

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release September 17, 2023
Movie Type Korean Drama

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