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Summary of the story

During the Tang Tradition, Chinese culture flourished and poetry was highly valued. Luo Qiu Chi is a talented young poet from a troubled background. He hides his true identity and seeks to pursue his artistic dreams. He meets Wen Ren Jun, a fellow scholar, who decides to help him pass the entrance exam for Zhu Xiu Institute. Luo Qiu Chi faces tough competition and must prove himself in a poetry contest against scholars from a rival kingdom. With the support of Wen Ren Jun and new friends, he faces the challenge. Qing Zi Jin is a 2020 Chinese drama directed by Xu Fei. The acting and plot are good so far. The main characters are likable and the chemistry between them is believable. The plot is yet to be fully revealed, but I have high hopes for it.

Vireak Chun Moha Thang

Vireak Chun Moha Thang

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release July 24, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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