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Summary of the story

The universe was once filled with stars that shone brightly in their magnificence. But during a fateful battle with dark forces, the gods experience a great loss. Qian Mei sacrifices herself to save Zhong Tian, but in the process, she disappears. Desperate to find a new source of energy to save their home, Zhong Tian travels to the grand era of Tang dynasty, where he meets someone who looks remarkably similar to his lost love, and the two find themselves entangled in a perplexing romance. Meanwhile, Chief Lin Ye (Chen Bolin) is a young and brilliant scientist with a passion for the legend of the Fire God. He forms a team of like-minded individuals to create a green organization that focuses on environmental efforts. A journalist named Nuo Feng (Jing Tian) meets him during a press conference, and a complicated relationship begins to form. But just when they start to collaborate on their research and marketing, Lin Ye's close friend, Di Yun (Sun Shaolong), appears and becomes a fierce rival in business.

Metorb Aky Chhlorng Phop [33 End]

Metorb Aky Chhlorng Phop [33 End]

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release August 13, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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