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Summary of the story

The arrival of summer signifies that we are indulging in the delightful sunshine and consuming copious amounts of delectable frozen yogurt. If you are akin to myself, you may prefer to remain indoors with the air conditioning on and watch the latest dramas. Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have had the opportunity to watch numerous C-dramas that have been released this year. It is understandable if you feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options available, as twice as many C-dramas have been broadcasted this year as compared to 2019. Given that many of us are confined to our homes, it is not surprising that broadcasters have opted to produce more shows during this period. There are a multitude of excellent shows to choose from, catering to a diverse range of preferences, including historical, office romance, crime investigations, sports, and fantasy genres. Please refer to my list of show recommendations below to add to your summer bucket list.

If you are a fan of historical dramas, I highly recommend Under the Power, starring Ren Jia Lun (Allen Ren) and Tan Tune Yun. Set during the Ming Dynasty, Lu Yi (Ren Jia Lun) is the head of the Weaved Uniform Gatekeepers, and he is tasked by the Emperor to investigate the disappearance of government funds that were allocated to repair the Yangzhou River. Jin Xia (Tan Song Yun) is a capable police constable responsible for investigating crimes in the city. Despite their previous conflicts, she is assigned to assist Lu Yi in locating the stolen assets. The duo sets aside their differences and becomes a formidable team. As they delve deeper into the case, romance blossoms between them, but Jin Xia discovers the truth about her tragic past, forcing her to choose between seeking revenge for her family or love in the end.

Although Under the Power is an insightful crime procedural, the primary allure of the show lies in the romance and incredible chemistry between our leads, Jin Xia and Lu Yi. Both characters are refreshing, possessing beliefs and thoughts that are relatively unconventional. Jin Xia is independent, rebellious, strong, and does not prioritize marriage, which directly contradicts the societal norms expected of women during that era. Although Lu Yi is a high-ranking official, he desires to marry for love and does not care about differences in social status. Despite his simple demeanor, he is a capable, intelligent, and upright individual, often clashing with powerful figures in the royal court.

Angkareak Chhet Deak Khmean Meta [55 End]

Angkareak Chhet Deak Khmean Meta [55 End]

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release September 17, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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