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Summary of the story

Hong Ji-ah, the proprietor of Daebak Land, is desperate to uncover the truth behind her mother's passing. She enlists the help of a mystic to perform an expulsion, but the attempt is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Gracious In-beom, a benevolent cheat, has his own agenda - to discover what happened to his uncle. When Ji-ah saves In-beom from the spirit, she gives him a memento that resembles the one his uncle gave him. This motivates In-beom to join Ji-ah as she searches for answers. Together, they face many obstacles. The mystic is injured and unable to help, so In-beom takes his place. Whenever Ji-ah is near a spirit, her temperature drops, but In-beom's touch brings her back to normal. Furthermore, when Ji-ah performs an expulsion, In-beom absorbs the memories of the spirit. With this newfound power, In-beom demands justice for the spirits, but the lack of evidence makes it impossible. As In-beom's actions lead to more trouble for Ji-ah, they must find a way to save each other and uncover the truth.

Akea Khum Prolerng

Akea Khum Prolerng

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release August 03, 2023
Movie Type Korean Drama

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