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Summary of the story

The 2d time of Ever Night 2> has as of now released its unique visit, uncovering a group of latest man or woman banners and some shocks. The dream show, in mild of the ee-e book of a comparable name, featured Chen Kaige's () baby Arthur Chen () because the legend Ning Que, the remaining enduring man or woman from a modest armed pressure unit that suggests up in Du City to search for vengeance. He brings alongside his housekeeper and direct relative, Sang, the rebirth of a robust being. With a extraordinary assisting forged that brags the possibilities of Leon Lai () and Adam Cheng (), Ever Night become a momentous achievement, and Arthur turned into an abruptly phenomenon. In any case, in November 2018, the 19-year-vintage entertainer affirmed that he could now no longer be returning for a short season, to which the studios fast supplanted him with Meteor Nursery big name Dylan Wang (). In the brand new man or woman banners, it highlights Dylan Wang because the featured big name, depicting Ning Que. Melody Yiren () returns as Sang, Ning Que's buddy. Chief Yang () has likewise shared new withinside the heritage clasps of Dylan making ready for his focused job, obtaining acclaim withinside the remarks. Fans and netizens alike are robust and hopeful approximately Dylan's depiction.

Yuthsil Neak Klahan Chor Chork Reatrey II

Yuthsil Neak Klahan Chor Chork Reatrey II

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release May 27, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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