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Sumary of Veasna Ming Lang

On February 14th, the drama that the writer had been watching finally came to an end. They highly recommend this drama as it is not your typical historical drama. The writer loves everything about it, from the awesome storyline that starts off a little slow but picks up quickly, to the beautifully made costumes and setting. The cast members, from the kids to the adults, did an amazing job in their parts. The chemistry between the leading actors and actress is great, and they are funny and loving, making the audience giggle at times. The writer appreciates how humble and smart the main character, Ming Lan, is, thanks to her amazing grandmother. However, the writer warns that anyone who bullies her family or loved ones better watch out. The actress who plays Ming Lan, Zhao Li Ying, is fantastic and always goes beyond her character to suck the audience into the characters she portrays. The writer rates this drama 10/10. As of February 12th, the writer has finished episode 71, and the drama is getting intense. The writer notes that there are a lot of crazy, evil-minded people in the drama, all wanting everything they are not entitled to in the name of power and money. As of February 6th, the writer has finished episode 64 and is impressed with how strong and smart Ming Lan is. She has an unbreakable willpower and determination to see justice done for her grandmother. The writer is also amazed at how evil and conniving some characters are for power and money. As of February 4th, the writer has finished episode 61. The drama is getting good, and the writer loves how smart Ming Lan is with all her actions and wording, letting others fight and argue among themselves to achieve her plans. The writer is looking forward to more episodes and recommends others to keep watching. As of January 23rd, the writer has finished episode 45 and loves how all the storylines are coming together. The writer is impressed with how smart Ming Lan is and how she is not a pushover. As of January 13th, the writer has finished episode 29 and is sad about how historical times force people to love someone they have no feelings for. As of January 1st, the writer thinks the drama is pretty good so far, with great child actors and actresses and a well-developed storyline that takes time to develop due to the drama's length of 78 episodes. The writer encourages others to keep watching and not give up on it yet.

Veasna Ming Lang

Veasna Ming Lang

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release March 30, 2024
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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