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Summary of the story

The Chinese display follows Li Jun Jie, a consultant at a facts safety organization. In a development of undertakings, he reveals that the organization's interior and unusual fiendish powers are inseparably connected. With the help of Zhou Zi Xuan, a senior head of the interest group, the 2 paintings collectively to take a look at and discover the story. At the time he become a youngster, Li Jun Jie had a happy family, and his mother and father had been each pinnacle researchers. At 12 years vintage, his mother and father byskip away abruptly in Bincheng. Li Jun Jie will become a vagrant and is despatched lower back to his vintage community in Chonghai. In the shelter, Li Jun Jie meets Shi Yun Hao. His protective impulses make the 2 at once grow to be dearest companions. From that factor on, Li and Shi meet Chen Posse. Chen Posse is going with them as they develop up and consists of them to Mo Shi. In the Mo Shi first-yr recruit academic course, the 2 meet Zhou Zi Xuan and each fall for her; however, Zi Xuan has a weak spot for Li Jun Jie. Shi Yun Hao comes to a decision to quietly get appropriate and cross and screen her. Right whilst Li Jun Jie's lifestyles little by little were given lower back in appropriate shape, all through a mission, his rash interest prompted Chen Posse to die out of the blue. Li Jun Jie chooses to allow Mo Shi discover the portions of data and get the killer Calais to retaliate for Chen Group. In the wake of leaving Mo Shi, Li Jun Jie follows Calais intently, but each time he misses through a move. Right now, a baffling message with the picture of Mo Shi courses him lower back to Bincheng. Subsequent to getting lower back to Bincheng, Li Jun Jie battles one subsequent to the alternative with Zhou Zi Xuan and Shi Yun Hao as soon as more. They at final capture Calais, and the 3 forged apart their beyond doubts. They concept this become its end; however, Calais figures out the way to get away from jail. Incidentally, there has been tons more intrigue putting tight for them at the back of this. Utilized through a facts safety organization, at the same time as tolerating the undertaking, he observes that the whole thing become now no longer as herbal as he suspected. He relies upon on his higher reminiscence to finish his paintings.

Pjus Pleang Kong Sonteksok

Pjus Pleang Kong Sonteksok

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release June 03, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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