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Summary of the story

Here's a possible rewrite: The Yaotian thatched house is tended to daily by Shen Zhaoer, who has been demoted from her previous position. Even the master, Ding Zhi, was degraded after uttering two words of plea. As the weather grew hotter, Shen Zhaoer suffered from heat stroke and fell into a coma, and soon the news reached Jifu. With Shen Zhaoer absent, Ji Heng gradually regained her composure and could no longer be distracted day and night. Even during the day, she was absent-minded and listless. Late at night, Ji Heng had a recurring dream in which the girl she longed for turned into Shen Zhao'er, who dressed as a man. Upon waking up, she called out to Shen Zhao'er using her nickname, "pseudo-ginseng," only to find that Corning child was by her side. Ji Heng scolded her and drove her out. This incident only fueled Kang Ning'er's hatred for Shen Zhao'er, and she even conspired with her brother Kant to depose her. Unaware of the danger, Shen Zhao'er proposed a business idea to the master, which involved using the water flying method taught by Shen Qingyun and creating a mud made with stone gall that could clean and moisturize the skin. In addition, she developed Yurong Cream and a medicinal pillow to aid sleep, which she presented to Sheng Anhuai, who interceded on her behalf to Ji Heng. His description of Shen Zhao'er's pitiful situation prompted Ji Heng to visit her in person. By coincidence, Ji Heng saw Shen Zhaoer happily selling Yurong Cream. After selling out, Shen Zhaoer and the master split the money and chatted. Shen Zhaoer vented her anger about being demoted and warned that she should not have any illusions about becoming friends with Ji Heng. Unbeknownst to them, Ji Heng was eavesdropping and left quietly.

Mon Snea Peth Srey (Dr.Cutie)

Mon Snea Peth Srey (Dr.Cutie)

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release May 26, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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