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Summary of the story

Synopsis of Novoland The Castle in the Sky 2, The sequel to the epic Chinese drama series, Novoland The Castle in the Sky, continues with the story of "Jiu Chen and the City of Paradise". After Jiu Chen and Ling Xi destroyed the rules of reincarnation for the Flower Goddess, the Winged Tribe created a new Paradise City that floats in the sky all year round, representing the symbol of their tribe. However, unrest stirs under the sky, as Winged Prince Feng Wu Yan launches a war that aims to overthrow the Feng royal family and restore the Winged Tribe to their former glory. Led by the Black Wing Army, both the Winged Tribe and humans join forces to gain power and overthrow the Feng dynasty. Meanwhile, human girl Su Yuexi and her sister accidentally join the Black Wing Army, and Su Yuexi finds herself drawn to their leader Feng Jiu. Will their love have a happy ending, or will it be doomed by fate?

Komlang Teb Vimean Thansur II

Komlang Teb Vimean Thansur II

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release July 22, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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