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Summary of the story

Xu Qing You is a constant, centered lady with senior occasions at an tremendous firm. She is dedicated to her paintings and is furthermore engaged with Fan Yun Xi, whom she has been relationship for pretty a while. They want to wed as quickly as possible, but while she unearths out he had a toss with any other lady, she is maddened and comes to a decision to reduce off the responsibility. She later heads to a bar to drink away her pain. At the bar, a person named Mo Ling Ze performs out a melodic quantity earlier than a crowd of people. She recalls him as a person she'd run into earlier than out and approximately and had a minor and pretty ugly alternate of phrases with. She is astoundingly well mannered and receives to talk with him. The subsequent day, she stirs in a residence with clearly muddled reminiscences of the night's end, anticipating that she has had a comfortable sexual enjoy with him. Deplorably, she is going to a social occasion the following day, simply to discover that Mo Ling Ze has taken command over the undertakings at her association. The pair is limited to get to realize one any other, but sooner or later they recognize that they proportion an exquisite association in each realistic experience and are really well worth every other's charms. Meanwhile, her beyond-lifestyles associate is mad to convey Xu Qing You back. Will she go back to her beyond affection, or would possibly one extra opinion at any factor be possible for her? Xu Qingyou, a free, obtuse workplace lady, observed her dream for friendship broken: her soul mate, a well-known valid manual who were relationship her for pretty a while, offered her out earlier than their wedding. Xu wound up getting collectively Mo Lingze, a exceptional character operating in an enterprise bank. Mo is robust and unflinching in friendship. Xu unearths her hypothesis lifestyles overturned, and she or he will become stirred up through it. Might she at any factor apprehend the fittingly robust new opinion or electricity herself to get the ten-year-antique love? Xu does not realize whether or not she ought to break out her preferred scope of commonality and include this underrated and darkish feeling.

Chhub Muy Reatrey Nisai Muy Chivith

Chhub Muy Reatrey Nisai Muy Chivith

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release June 12, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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