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Summary of the story

Here's a possible rewrite: The drama depicts the early years of the Ming Dynasty, a time when the country flourished and expanded its influence overseas, fulfilling the old dream of Jinling that had lasted for centuries. It all began in the first year of Ming Yongle, with the Battle of Jing Dynasties and the mysterious disappearance of the Jianwen Emperor, who had fled into the mountains. His loyal minister was killed, and his family was scattered. Jing Qing, the royal priest, and his wife sacrificed themselves to save their eldest daughter, who was later rescued by the vice-president Sun Yu. The second daughter was taken in by the prince Zhu Gaochi, but was later murdered. The two sisters grew up in different environments, one in the palace and the other in the rivers and lakes. Ten years later, the younger sister sought to assassinate Zhu Xi, while the elder sister married into the palace. During the assassination attempt, she met the emperor Zhu Zhuji and witnessed the political rebellion of Jinling City's Bo Yunyu. The twists and turns of the emperor's heart and the chaos in the country were eventually resolved, thanks to the voyages of Zheng He to the West and the compilation of the "Yongle Dadian". The story follows the protagonist's journey from her personal vendetta to her selfless

Balang Lohet Reach Vong Ming

Balang Lohet Reach Vong Ming

Quality HD
Status Completed
Release May 26, 2023
Movie Type Chinese Drama

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